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USB Phone Charger / Power Port for Power Wheelchairs


USB charger / power plug for powerchairs. Simply plug into your wheelchair charge port, connect a USB cable to your device, and charge or power your device. This works for nearly all USB devices needing 2.1A or less, including Android phones and tablets, iphones, ipads, USB fans, USB lights, and more. For devices using some of the newer rapid charging protocols these will only charge your phone as fast as it will charge off a computer, we are prototyping a rapid charging device now though so stay tuned.

The plug is 2 3/8" long and 1" diameter. The housing is constructed of aluminum, 3d printed ABS plastic, and a silicone ring with "CRIPPLE CONCEPTS" embossed on it for added grip.

This will not prevent your wheelchair from driving like battery chargers do.

Kits include charger, case, 18" or 39" cable (micro USB or Lightening), and random color LED light.

Quantity discounts on 10+ units available, contact sales@crippleconcepts.com.

Free shipping in USA

Video of our chargers versus the competition

Bloggers love it!
that girl in a wheelchair
MSSINGAROUND....Canadian's love our chargers too!
Words I Wheel By

Recommended Accessories:
Right Angle Adapter
USB LED Flexible Lights

Source Files, we are now open source so you can build your own version of our chargers if you so desire!
Neutrik NC3MXX XLR connector
24V to USB PCB from QSKJ
3d printable housing
1/2" wide Silicone Ring

**1 year warranty on chargers (running into doors, tables, desks, etc not covered by warranty)**

Charging protocols test results for the tech nerds:
charger testing