About Us

Cripple Concepts was started by Josh Winkler after people started to ask him to make them some of the custom devices he used to make his own life easier. Our mission is to offer devices that are new, unique, simple, and affordable. We pride ourselves on selling products for cripples by cripples.

Founder, Josh Winkler, is a C5/6 quadriplegic with a background in Mechanical Engineering and NASCAR racing. Most products for people with disabilities are designed for us and sold to us by able bodied people who mean well. Our products are designed for, by, and with people with disabilities themselves.

About the name Cripple Concepts

Love it or hate it, you won't forget it. The name Cripple Concepts was chosen to distinguish us from the companies run by able-bodied people, we are different and we are proud to be different. We understand some consider the word "cripple" offensive, but we see it as empowering.

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