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USB Dual Turbo Charger for Power Wheelchairs

Image of USB Dual Turbo Charger for Power Wheelchairs

This is a Dual version of our 18W Turbo charger for devices that use USB type C cables. Devices with a charge port other than USB-C will see no appreciable decrease in charging speed. See actual verified protocols below, most common in the USA is Qualcomm Quick Charge or QC 2.0 and 3.0.

If your charge cable looks like the 3rd picture this charger should improve your charge times, if you are unsure email us at with the device info for what you want to charge.

Video of our chargers versus the competition

**Caution, these chargers get too hot to touch when rapid charging a phone from nearly dead**

**Not recommended for use on Macbook Pro, they require more power than our chargers put out**

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Charging protocols test results for the tech nerds:
turbo charger testing

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Straight Connector
Right Angle Connector